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Outdoor renovation from Green Empire Builders General Contracotrs

Home Remodel Woodland Hills CA

General Construction 

When planning construction work in Woodland Hills or surrounding areas in Los Angeles, it can be overwhelming for homeowners because they need to look for different professionals for different jobs. That takes a lot of time and could cost a lot in the long run. 

The best option is to look for a licensed general contractor who you can trust to bring your ideas to life. Green Empire Builders is one of the best general contractor in the Greater Los Angeles Area, guaranteeing our customers quality results at affordable prices and within their schedule. 

As a number one residential general contractor and commercial general contractor in Los Angeles, some of the general construction services we offer our clients include:

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is among the primary rooms in a house. Woodland Hills kitchen remodeling helps bring back life in the kitchen. Whether our clients want industrial, contemporary, Scandinavian, modern, or mid-century designs, we have the best professionals to realize the dream. 


With the best kitchen remodel contractor, we change the flooring, countertops, cabinets, drawers, backsplashes, and walls. 

Our kitchen renovation contractor first inspects the old kitchen to determine the size and extent of the changes the client wants. The contractor for kitchen remodel then suggests designs if the client has not yet decided, and if they have, we walk them through some materials, colors, and styles available. 


The kitchen remodel contractor then creates a 3-d model of the intended kitchen design to help the client see the vision clearly and decide whether it's what they want. It also allows our clients to make changes and see how they will affect the result. 

Our clients might want to upgrade the kitchen appliances to match the new kitchen style. We work with the best appliance brands, ensuring we suggest the best appliances. 
Our kitchen remodeling contractor works with the client from the beginning to the end, ensuring they get what they ask for. 


Bathroom Remodeling

Whether a client just moved into a new home or wants to change the house's appearance, a bathroom makeover is a great place to start. Bathroom remodel Woodland Hills is among our highly requested services, thanks to our highly trained, skilled, and experienced bathroom remodel contractor. 

If our client does not have a master bathroom design, our bathroom renovation contractor walks them through some of our designs or past projects for inspiration. Our bathroom remodel Los Angeles services include flooring repair or replacements, adding cabinets and bathtubs, and touching up walls. 

ADU Conversion

Whether clients want an additional room, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor hanging out area, accessory dwelling units are a good option for adding needed housing in California. Our ADU contractor helps clients with ADU rental construction, ADU garage conversion, and backyard ADU construction. 

With 15 years in the business, our ADU contractor has had extensive ADU conversion experience, converting different structures into accessory dwelling units. 

Full Home Remodeling

Complete home remodel in Woodland Hills or the surrounding Los Angeles cities is great for clients who want to change their home without building it from scratch. Our general contractors LA CA have expertise and skills in different jobs like flooring, wall reconstruction, painting, plumbing, electrical work, and design, enabling us to bring any of our clients' dreams into reality. 

As a general contractor for home remodel, we inspect the work first, determine how much material and labor we need, then draw up a detailed and accurate quote for the client before we start working. This, plus our wide variety of materials and colors, makes us an outstanding LA CA general contractor. 


Windows and Doors Installation

Green Empire Builders is THE premier window contractor in Los Angeles, to call when looking for window and door installation or window replacement contractors near me. As a window contractor, we understand that windows and doors help with energy efficiency and temperature control. They also add to the room's curb appeal.

Therefore, with our licensed and professional contractors, we are here to help you with any window and door installation, repair, or replacement needs. We have energy-efficient windows and Milgard aluminum sliding doors, which independent window installers will install according to your needs. 

We have different sizes, styles, materials, and colors of doors and windows our clients can choose to go with the house aesthetic. In addition to quality services and high-quality materials, our warranty and satisfaction guarantee policies make us the number one window contractor Los Angeles residents can depend on. 


The roof is one of the essential parts of a building to ensure that our clients remain protected from different weather elects. Therefore, we have gathered the best roofing team to help with new roof installation, repair, and inspection. 

When clients call us to their homes, we first inspect the quality and condition of the roof to determine the extent of the damage. That also helps us develop an accurate and detailed quote for the materials and labor we need. 

We then determine whether it is best to repair or replace the roof depending on the condition. Our clients can choose from different roofing materials like asphalt, metal, slate, clay, etc. 
We also conduct regular roof maintenance, including roof and gutter cleaning, to ensure proper drainage. 

shingle roof installation with eco friendly materials in Woodland Hills California
home addition project in Los Angeles Califronia

Room Additions

Sometimes people move into smaller houses than expected or need more room as the family grows. These rooms can be additional bedrooms, outdoor kitchens, a home office, family room, kid's playroom, sunroom, or a storage room. 

Instead of constructing another house from scratch, the fastest and most economical way to get the needed additional space is room addition. 

At Green Empire builders, we are here to help our clients get the space they need, no matter how small or big it is. We do this by building another room from the ground up attached to the house, building over the existing home, or building an exterior room detached from the primary residence. 

When building additional rooms attached to the existing house, we sometimes need to add reinforcement to the whole house. 

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We are the number one general contractor Los Angeles Company to call, whether adding new plumbing in a new house or repairing plumbing issues in an existing building. We also help our clients with drain cleaning, installing water heaters, and repairing sewers. 

Our skilled and experienced professionals help our clients detect and fix leaks before they become unfixable or damage the building's structure. We work with the best companies, meaning that we use the best plumbing tools, equipment, and fixtures in our work. 

Pools and spas
Pools and hot tubs are great areas to relax alone or with friends and family. We install swimming pools and tubs from scratch and do cleaning and maintenance work. 


Landscaping and hardscaping are some things that add to the curb appeal and value of a home. With our artificial turf installation, you can enjoy the look of a lush green lawn without the hard maintenance work or using a lot of water to keep it green. 

Out artificial grass installation is done to perfection, covering every yard inch. Our outdoor living space designer will also help you design luxury backyard landscaping. Our mason, concrete, brick installation, and fencing contractor will bring the idea to life. 

Some of the hardscaping services we offer include: 

  1. Concrete retaining wall.

  2. Stone retaining wall.

  3. Stone fire pit.

  4. Custom outdoor kitchen.

  5. Pools and spas.

  6. Walkways and driveways.

Electrical Work and Design

When building a new house, homeowners need professional electricians to design the electrical work layout. Our highly trained and experienced electrical team is here to help with the design and installation.

We also do electrical maintenance or upgrades for existing houses or commercial buildings. 

Water and Fire Damage Restoration

Water is one of the elements that could damage property within a short time if not taken care of immediately. Whether the damage is from a leak or flooding, we help out Los Angeles clients recover as much as we can and maintain the property's structural integrity with our fast and skilled team. 

We also inspect to see if there was any mold growth and what damage the water did. We remove the mold and repair or replace any surfaces like walls and floors that the water could have damaged. 

Fires are also damaging, and we help our clients cope with the damage by helping recover as much property as we can. We also help clean out all the burnt debris from the fire site and help in reconstruction. 

Concrete and Masonry

We are the people to call for concrete fireplaces, walkways, steps, driveways, patios, retaining walls, or walls. Our masonry professionals have worked with different concrete designs and worked on different sizes of concrete jobs. 

We also offer our clients concrete repair, maintenance, and cleaning services for all their concrete surfaces.

Why Choose Us For Your Construction Needs

Experienced: Having been in general construction for 15 years, we have dealt with different types and sizes of jobs, improving our skills to handle any job. 

Licensed: We have all the state, federal, and county licenses and permits to run the business and provide all our services. All our professionals are licensed and certified by boards within their different specialties. 

Insured: We have general liability and workers' compensation insurance to ensure our clients are covered for all damaged and injuries they or our workers suffer during work. 

Unique services: As a commercial general contractor and residential general contractor, we have different professionals specialized in various jobs like plumbing, electrical work, design, remodeling and renovation, roofing, masonry, etc. 

Timely: We work within our client's schedule, and we always arrive on time or earlier.

Affordable: Since we don't outsource subcontractors, our services are cheaper, and we offer free quotes. 

Contact us now to go Green with your Construction and take advantage of EVERY rebate they have available!
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