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Landscape design contractor in Los Angeles CA

Landscape Design Los Angeles CA

Green Grass, Green Energy, Green Dollars in Your Pocket

Home construction or renovation is a critical decision that requires a professional general contractor. However, you should choose a renowned landscape company whether you need hardscaping or landscaping. At Green Empire Builders, we provide energy-efficient solutions for your home. With more than a decade of construction experience, we offer a wide range of landscaping services. We are dedicated and ensure you live comfortably outdoors of your property.

Landscape Designs & Services

turf grass backyard with newly built deck

Our general contractor is knowledgeable and can handle all landscaping designs and projects. We have more than 15 years of landscaping experience, and no job is too big or too small for us. We have completed many landscaping jobs for various homeowners successfully. Again, we offer quality services whether you need a masonry contractor or a fencing contractor in your home.


That said, here are the services offered by Green Empire Builder

Hardscape Construction

Our masonry contractor provides essential services to your yard or lawn on your property. We use concrete, stones or bricks to design your home and make it look elegant. In addition, we use our skills to decorate your outside kitchen, fire pits and retaining walls.

That said, our mason construction involves the following.

Turf installation in Los Angelse California

Outdoor Kitchens

We construct a decorative outdoor kitchen where you can have a great time with your family and friends. It also encourages you to cook a healthy meal instead of eating processed foods. In addition, it increases your home value if you renovate your home for sale.


We can also install a custom outdoor kitchen using weather-resistant materials such as bricks and stones to make it more durable. Thus, our outdoor kitchen contractor provides quality outdoor kitchen installation services to your home.

Stone Fire Pit

We build beautiful stone fire pits in your backyard to add elegance and warmth. Our contractor uses quality material to build an attractive fireplace that adds value to your home. Again, we can install a stone fire pit of any design depending on your taste.

Retaining Walls

We help homeowners who need to stop landslides and soil erosion on their property. Our contractor designs and builds a beautiful stone retaining wall in your landscape. Again, if you prefer a concrete retaining wall, our concrete contractor can design and install an attractive one in your home.


Besides, these walls help you utilize your outdoor square footage to add functional space. We can also add brick installation and flowers to add aesthetics to your retaining wall.

landscape archiect design in Los Angeles Ca

Artificial Grass Installation

Turf installation is common in landscaping services when homeowners need to improve the appearance of their property. We offer artificial turf installation or artificial grass installation services backed by a 25 year warranty. Our artificial grass and turf are made of quality materials that make them durable.

Natural grass requires a lot of water to remain healthy, adding to residential water usage. However, artificial turf saves on water required for landscape irrigation every year. Again, we install quality turf or grass that looks natural to improve the appearance of your backyard. It looks great and is a great

place if you need backyard entertainment.

Further, artificial turf and grass are durable because they don’t require lots of maintenance. Again, they don’t attract pests such as cockroaches, insects and rats that can cause discomfort at home. Amazingly, our artificial turf and grass are durable and can last more than a decade before replacement.

Landscape Design

Improving your home's landscaping is crucial for the value of your home. It helps curb appeal, especially if you are looking for a buyer. Our outdoor living space designer can develop a luxury backyard landscaping design if you need a place to relax or have backyard entertainment.


We can design your back, front or side yard creatively and artfully using different landscape designs. Again, we can build an outdoor oasis and add shade or rock design gardens to make your home more appealing.

outdoor landscape archiect in Los Agneles California

Hardscaping & Concrete

Create new layouts and space when we add concrete to your backyard. We use concrete and masonry work coupled with our landscape designing to deliver exceptional spaces every time. We use quality materials such as bricks, stones, and concrete to beautify your outdoor space when offering outdoor hardscaping services. We offer various outdoor hardscape construction services, including:


Fencing your home has several benefits, including noise reduction and privacy. Our fencing contractor is highly-experienced and installs your fence using the right materials and measurements. High-quality fencing improves the value of your home because it curbs appeal.

Gazebos and Pergolas

We can build you a place to relax without getting scorched by the sun when beautifying your landscape. Our contractor is skilled and can construct gazebos and pergolas of the design that you prefer to make your home's exterior attractive.

Benefits of Landscaping for Your Home

Our general contractor offers landscaping services using quality products that don’t pollute the environment. Again, we provide various landscape designs that make your home more beautiful. That said, here are the benefits of choosing our landscape services.

Environmental Benefits

The plants and trees in your garden capture carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This reduces the carbon footprint in the atmosphere and prevents climate change. We ensure your property has a healthy garden, so we offer residential putting green services. Again, fencing helps to reduce noise pollution that can cause stress and discomfort in your home.

Water Efficiency

Every home requires a sufficient amount of water every day, especially for irrigation. However, our landscaping contractor provides artificial turf installation and artificial grass installation services for your exterior property. Thus, you don't have to irrigate your turf or grass, saving lots of monthly water bills.

Increased Property Value

Landscaping curbs the appeal of your home because of the decorative designs of the outdoor kitchen, stone fire pit and retaining walls. Again, the fencing ensures privacy and protection, giving you peace of mind. Hence, this is a big investment, and that's why our contractor offers quality landscaping services to attract more prospective buyers.

Enhances Quality of Life

Custom outdoor kitchen, stone fire pit, and artificial turf and grass ensure you have quality time in your backyard. Thus, landscaping allows you to live the life of your dreams by having fun with family and friends as you enjoy home-cooked food outdoors. This way, you can have maximum entertainment without the need to go out.

Turns Unused Spaces to Functional Areas

Landscaping gives your home a complete makeover because of the added decorations. Our outdoor living space designer can add an outdoor stone, bricks, or flowers depending on what you prefer for your home's exterior. Again, the concrete or stone retaining wall is structural support and helps you utilize your outdoor space.

Gives Your Home a New Look

A new artificial turf, outdoor kitchen, and beautiful flowers in the garden or fence give your home a new and beautiful look. Thus, you can relax in your backyard, feeling comfortable and breathing fresh air all day. Again, your home appears luxurious and inviting when family and friends visit you.

Defines Entertainment Areas

Cooking and dining in the outdoor kitchen is a great way of entertainment. Thus, landscaping allows you to enjoy warmth in the stone fire pit and dine with friends, whether during the day or night. Backyard entertainment is a great way to enjoy life without doing it indoors.

Request an Estimate for Quality Landscaping Services

Green Empire Builders is the best landscaping company if you need to improve the outdoor appearance. We provide exceptional landscaping services, including masonry work, landscape design, gravel work, paving, dry landscaping and hardscaping as well. Contact us today if you need to enjoy the numerous landscaping services.

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