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Going Green in Your Next Construction Project

Going green in your next construction project is easier than you might now think. However, you might not know exactly what this means. First consider the benefits of reusable energy today. Installing appliances and building components that reduce your energy cost also reduces your carbon footprint. The additional benefits are those that come from the materials used in green construction. The byproducts of green materials are less wasteful, safer and renewable for all. 

Why Go Green in the First Place?—How Does It Help You?

Going green is about protecting the environment you live in. We all rely on natural resources in some form or another. The more we preserve these, the cheaper they are and the more we have for later use. Green buildings also tend to be more self-reliant than traditional ones are. These structures can be integrated with smart technology that connects to your phone when you’re not at home. A green structure even puts you into the market when you’re ready to sell. 

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Roof installation in Los Agneles Ca

Vast Solutions and Green Roofing Designs

The ways to achieve greener constructions are vast. Energy efficient roof materials are making a breakthrough in modern construction. Roofs made from these materials have the ability to reflect the heat and force of the sun. This keeps your structure from heating it up when you’re trying to cool it down in warm weather. Without this key material, your HVAC works harder than it’s necessary for you. 

Energy Efficient Roofing and Construction

An energy efficient roof relies on the sciences of ventilation and solar reflectance. Since we specialize in green construction, we measure solar reflectance to dictate the solar intensity your home receives. Being able to measure how your roof reflects solar heat enables us to fabricate solutions custom to your needs. We are a licensed roofing contractor offering a sure guarantee with a reliable warranty. Our cool roof products last up to 50 years and are visually appealing. 

shingle roof installation in Los Angeles Ca

The Rebates You’re Missing Out On Right Now

In an effort to incentivize green construction, the state of California offers a number of rebates and tax credits to homeowners like you. Things as simple as energy-saving LED bulbs can reduce your tax liability at the end of each tax year. Green building incentives now exist to reduce how much it costs you to install energy efficient materials. Your energy efficient tax credit can often be honored after a local agency issues an inspection of your finished roof solutions. 

The Immediate Savings Regardless of the Public Incentives

The perks of going green are evident through local tax codes, but you’ll also save money due to the utility of green appliances. For example, a solar installation will, immediately, reduce your common electricity bill by up to 100% after you have roof panels installed. Greener solutions also help you to save up to 30% on gas if this resource is what you use. The innovations in green solutions are so effective that your water costs each year will drop by up to 30% overall. 

By choosing to go green, generally, Californians will save roughly 26% on taxes—with the help of the Fed and local municipalities. The question, therefore, isn’t if you can do this but is when will you. 

enviormental friendly roofing materials for a roof job in Los Angeles California

Why Most Save Big $$$ Each Year

On average, you can expect to save money year over year by going completely green in your construction model. This isn’t an easy feat if you’re without the help of a trained worker. The top professionals in this field have specialized training and a proven history of applying what they know. Green is so innovative that most contractors lack the skills required to make it truly work. This difference in competency turns out to be thousands of dollars lost in utility bills for you. Green roofing makes things work easier. You’ll find this construction method good for:

Conserving Water

You have to keep in mind that green building isn’t just a process but an intent. What you ultimately save on water comes from your contractor assessing the conditions and applying new solutions to it. Your desire to reduce water waste, alone, will save you money. One of the key sciences involved consists of using your roof to collect rainwater, reducing your reliance on the public. There’s then the option of low-flow plumbing and better filtering to reduce waste overall. 

Harnessing the Sun

The power of the sun is good for your body, plants and for energy use. Some say that solar panels are expensive at first, but they pay for themselves in a relatively short time. Your roof is an ideal place to store your panels, but this is a very specific skill. The sun rises and sets in an exact location relative to your roof. The reflective materials installed atop your roof even help to redirect more energy into your panels. Solar panels can then store energy for long-term use. 

Reducing Waste

Reducing waste is something we achieve by looking for reusable resources and materials for your home. We now can, for example, cool your home with an enclosed system that uses the same water it had when it was first installed. We use the simple theory of “reduce, reuse and recycle.” In having a proven method, we never want to rely on materials or resources that create more waste. We find ways to reduce your waste by assessing your project needs and location. 

Eliminating Pollution

Your carbon footprint is an important measurement of how green you actually are. We need to first examine your structure and design a green plan for it. Not all situations are the same, so don’t shy away from scheduling a home consultation now. Just keep in mind that pollutants aren’t limited to particles or waste that leave a home. There are toxins circulating within your building that are specifically being incubated by the non-green materials or designs you use.

Efficient Roof Shingles: Add $50,000 Worth of Value Into Your Home

Green building is now the easiest way to add value into your home. Making that home attractive to modern buyers is difficult if you don’t break any boundaries. Energy efficient roof shingles are unique and aren’t found everywhere you look. As a competent roofing installation company, our work is aimed to put value into your home and utility into your hands. The work of green building is so effective that homeowners will add up to $50,000 worth of value to a home. Also backed by a 25 year warranty.

The Last and Final Appeal Toward a Greener World

Now is the time to rethink how you’re going about your new building project. You know that the laws are evolving, and the green standard is a difficult one to reach. Not just any contractor can do the job, and some simply don’t have the passion for it. We love green technology and are growing alongside it. Understanding how it can work for you starts with allowing us to visit. An in-home consultation is more exciting than you might now see. We not only have a chance to test new ideas, but your imagination will get ignited. Get in touch with us as soon as you can. 

We’re a licensed roofing contractor with practical solutions, but your rebates won’t last forever.

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