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Pros & Cons You Must Read Before Installing A Solar System To Your House In Woodland

Imagine the sun could pay your bills. No literally!

Yes, you might have heard it before. But going solar is dependent on many factors such as geographic location, roof orientation, or the usage of electricity. And, besides that, it is not cheap at all.

That’s why they say, “know before you go” ( I said it).

Knowing the fact about the proven history of solar and its success, we cannot completely neglect it, but we have to keep in mind a few things.

In this blog, we will have a quick look at why and why not solar panels might suit you. But, before that, let’s understand the Woodland Hills area and its dependency on solar.

Is It Okay To Add Solar System In Woodland Hills?

Woodland Hills is a good city in California, but does it go along with solar?

We cannot ignore the fact that you will get a significant incentive for installing solar panels in Woodland Hills. The Government has stepped down the tax credit to 22%, meaning that you will be leveling up your savings.

If we look at the weather of Woodland, summers are short and sunny, whereas the winters might be partly cloudy. This might be a drawback of installing solar panels in Woodland Hills because they wouldn’t work 100% if they are not getting direct sunlight.

However, it still saves you a lot of money on bills because most of the summers are arid and clear.

Now, let’s have a look at the quick pros and cons of having a solar system in Woodland Hills.


Little Bit Required To Set Up

In Today’s busy life, you barely have time, and when you do, it is for your family. So, don’t worry if you are installing a solar system, it will require just a little setup and time because everything is so easy.

Reduced Electricity Bills

Let’s take a look at how much we spend on electricity bills. An average person in Woodland Hills gets a $177/month bill.

It means you are spending over $2000 just on electric bills every single month. Contrarily, if you go solar, it will become zero, for the rest of your life. Of course, there might be some maintenance costs, but that’s not even compared to that.

No Noise

Unlike electricity generators and other noisy things, solars are quiet as they don’t even exist. It leaves you with peace of mind, and due to that, your capability to be productive every time.

Property Value

Another best part about solars is, you get to upscale your property value especially when you are living in an area like Woodland Hills. This is something that makes it awesome. So, you are not only adding a green solution to your home but also uplifting its worth.

Green Solution

You might have heard this many times, but going green and serving your planet and community b should be your first priority in your mind.

Woodland’s Government Incentive

One of the most significant incentives you will get for going solar is the lowered 22% federal tax credit. So, this is a perfect time.


They Don’t Work At Night

As you might have guessed already, solars cannot work at night, however, if you spend a little more, you will be able to get charging batteries with them, that will be charged for the night.

Doesn’t Make A Good For House Aesthetics

Imagine a dull black plate sitting on the roof, even people flying over you would say “what a mess.”

Just joking, but it doesn’t look that great, so if you are keen on aesthetics, you should reconsider this.

Require Professional Help To Install

Even if they are not so hard to set up, you still need professional help. This is so because we have seen many DIYers fail so badly, and it doesn’t do any good by doing it yourself.

You Have To Choose Wisely.

Depending on your house's electricity needs, and other geographic factors, you have to choose them wisely. They come in different variants, such as 10KW, 20KW, or even more and a professional consultant will help you with that.

Weather Dependent.

They are strongly dependent on weather and if you are living in the area of Woodland Hills, where you see clouds every day, you have to reconsider it.

The Crux Of The Matter!

So, should you go for solar or leave it when living in Woodland Hills? I’d suggest going for it if you are concerned about saving money on electric bills and making your surroundings greener. Regardless of their drawbacks, they are still a great investment!

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